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Oranjestad, Aruba Map | Locations

Cruise lines that visit Oranjestad: Star Clippers, Azamara Club Cruises, Crystal, Oceania, Paul Gauguin, Seabourn, Silversea, Celebrity, Cunard, Holland America, Princess, Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean

Key Attractions: Aruba Archaeological Museum, Eagle Beach, Arashi Beach, Baby Beach, Mangel Halto Beach, California Lighthouse, Casibari Rock Formation, Alto Vista Chapel, Natural Bridge, Arikok National Park, Natural Pool, Divi Golf, Tierra del Sol Golf, Aruba Golf Club, De Palm Island, Phillips Animal Garden

Aruba is an independent country that was once part of the Dutch empire. With rolling hills and a desert landscape it has long attracted tourists from all over the world to its beaches and nice resorts. For the day visitor it's main attractions are lovely beaches with good diving and snorkeling opportunities, views of the stark landscape, golf, shopping and casinos. Cruise ships dock at the center of Oranjestad, the capital near the main shopping area. The leeward (eastern) side of the island is where the large resorts are located, especially north of the capital Oranjestad. This is where sunworshipers gather. To the far north are popular snorkeling areas. Arikok Park sits on the windward side of the island and offers caves, rugged beach areas, Arawak paintings and the islands two highest points. Several excellent desert style golf courses are located on the island. The city of Oranjestad offers some Caribbean Dutch style architecture and a small Archaeological Museum, which features information about the Cacietia and Arawak native cultures.

Local Currency: Aruban Florin | Current exchange rates at
US dollars are commonly accepted.

Primary Language: Dutch and Papiamento

Secondary Languages: English and Spanish

Visa requirements: Not required for US and Canadian citizens

Photo of Aruba Cactus by CruisePortAtlas

Geography and Population

Less than 20 off the coast on Venezuela, Aruba is part of the ABC archipelago that is part of the Dutch empire, though the islands are now independent. Aruba is a desert island with great beach. Like its sister islands it is outside the huricane zone of the Caribbean. Just over one hundred thousand people live there.

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How Far?

Taxis are common on Aruba and relatively inexpensive. Fares start at $6. The total fare for most locations on the island are between $12-35. Hourly rates start at $45. There is a $3 surcharge on Sundays and holidays.

From To Distance Average Time Taxi Fare / Notes
Cruise Terminal (Oranjestad) Airport 4.7 KM 9 minutes  
Cruise Terminal (Oranjestad) Fort Zoutman 0.9 KM 3 minutes, 10 minute walk  
Cruise Terminal (Oranjestad) Aruba Archaeological Museum 0.6 KM 7 minute walk  
Oranjestad Casibari Rock Formation 6 KM 12 minutes  
Oranjestad Alto Vista Chapel 11 KM 16 minutes  
Oranjestad California Lighthouse 13 KM 19 minutes  
Oranjestad Natural Bridge 10 KM 40 minutes taxi, then off road
Oranjestad Natural Pool 14 KM 40 minutes taxi, then off road
Oranjestad Phillips Animal Garden 11 KM 25 minutes  
Oranjestad Arikok National Park - Caves 16 KM 23 minutes  
Oranjestad Eagle Beach 6 KM 10 minutes  
Oranjestad Arashi Beach 12 KM 15 minutes  
Oranjestad Baby Beach 23 KM 33 minutes  
Oranjestad Mangel Halto Beach 12 KM 16 minutes  
Oranjestad De Palm Island 10 KM 30 minutes Taxi and then a ferry
Oranjestad Tierra del Sol Golf 12 KM 16 minutes  
Oranjestad Divi Golf 3.3 KM 9 minutes  
Oranjestad Aruba Golf Club 23 KM 31 minutes  

Local Services - Addresses


Dr. Horacio Oduber Hospital, Aruba, phone - 297 527 4000, 4.1 KM, 7 minutes

Nearby ATMs

Aruba Bank ATM - L.G. Smith Blvd (Sasakiweg) 96, Oranjestad - 0.3 KM, 5 minute walk
Aruba Bank ATM - L.G. Smith Blvd (Sasakiweg) 94, Oranjestad - 0.4 KM, 7 minute walk

Post Office

Uruguay Straat, Oranjestad, 1.3 KM, 4 minutes, 13 minute walk

Port and Berths

Cruise Ship Terminal, RuizStraat, Oranjestad
GPS - 12.519374, -70.042285
2nd Terminal GPS - 12.521228, -70.043519

Photo of California Lighthouse by CruisePortAtlas