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Popular Local Cuisine: Pugliese food (Puglia is the Italian name for the region) is home-based and made with simple ingredients from local markets. Nearly half the olive oil in Italy comes from this area and, because of the harsh conditions, hearty durum wheat is the preferred base for local breads and pastas. Altamura bread is the most famous from the region. Bread and oil are central ingredients, with meat being reserved for special occasions. A nice starter is Friselle, a dried bread ring that is dipped in water and then enhanced with tomatoes, hot peppers and olive oil. For something a little more distinctive, try the starter that combines sun dried tomatoes and tuna. The most famous local pasta is orecchiette, shaped like a tiny hat. It is served with a simple tomato sauce or with broccoli, broccoli rabe, and sometimes ricotta. Chickpea-stuffed ravioli is a nice country dish. Meat is not central to the cuisine, but in the most genuine recipes it is likely to be lamb, horse, or rabbit. Besides tuna, the most popular seafoods are mussels, octopus, eel, and cuttlefish (a small squid-like creature).

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Cruise lines that visit Bari: Regent Seven Seas, Celebrity, Costa, MSC Cruises

Key Attractions: St. Nicholas Basilica, Bari Castle, Bari Cathedral, Trani Cathedral, Swabian Castle, Bitonto Cathedral, Angevin Castle, Castel del Monte, Trulli houses, Church of St. Anthony, Pane e Pommodoro Beach, Bisceglie Beach, Barletta Beach

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