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Cruise lines that visit Bari: Regent Seven Seas, Celebrity, Costa, MSC Cruises

Key Attractions: St. Nicholas Basilica, Bari Castle, Bari Cathedral, Trani Cathedral, Swabian Castle, Bitonto Cathedral, Angevin Castle, Castel del Monte, Trulli houses, Church of St. Anthony, Pane e Pommodoro Beach, Bisceglie Beach, Barletta Beach

Ships dock in what is known as the New Port (built around 1850) just to the west of the Old city. During the Roman era Bari developed as an important port on the Adriatic, connecting the Italian peninsula with the eastern Mediterranean. After the Romans moved their capital to Byzantium, the city fell under Byzantine influence for many centuries. It was briefly held by the Arabs and was eventually ruled by the Norman kings of Sicily and subsequently by the Holy Roman Emperors from Hohenstaufen (Swabia). The Norman and Swabian eras produced the most iconic buildings of the region, including many castles and churches built in the Romanesque style. The major area towns have a church or cathedral of this era which is a central attraction. And many have fortresses from that era as well. There are two UNESCO World Heritage sites in the area. Castel del Monte is a fascinating fortress built with 8 sides, 8 towers and many other eights. The reason for all the eights is unknown, but this is a beautiful and well-preserved monument. The other UNESCO site is the town of Alberobello, which has many unique trulli domed houses of ancient origin and tradition. Besides the St. Nicolas Basilica and Bari Cathedral, there are wonderful churches in nearby Bitonto, coastal Trani, and Barletta north of Bari. Bari has limited beaches, but about an hour drive north you will reach several nice resort areas that feature beaches with nice facilities and activities.

Local Currency: Euro

Primary Language: Italian

Secondary Languages: Local Bari dialect blending some Greek

Visa requirements: Not required for US and Canadian citizens

Photo of Bari Norman-Swabian Castle by Porcullus

Geography and Population

Bari is located on a mostly flat coastal area at the southern end of the Adriatic on the eastern coast of Italy. It is the second largest city in southern Italy after Naples, with a metropolitan population approaching 1.5 million.

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How Far?

Base taxi fares start at 3 to 5 Euros and add 0,80 per kilometer thereafter based on a meter.

From To Distance Average Time Taxi Fare
Bari Cruise Terminal Airport 14 KM 23 minutes  
Bari Cruise Terminal Basilica of St. Nicolas 6 KM 13 minutes, 12 minutes walking 12 Euros
Bari Cruise Terminal Bari Castle 5 KM 12 minutes, 13 minutes walking 12 Euros
Bari Cruise Terminal Trani 46 KM 48 minutes  
Bari Cruise Terminal Bitonto 29 KM 33 minutes  
Bari Cruise Terminal Castel del Monte 80 KM 1 hour 10 minutes  
Bari Cruise Terminal Alberobello 68 KM 1 hour 15 minutes  
Bari Cruise Terminal Bisceglie beach 41 KM 46 minutes  
Bari Cruise Terminal Barletta beach 71 KM 1 hour  
Bari Cruise Terminal Pane e Pommodoro beach 9 KM 18 minutes  

Local Services - Addresses


Azienda Ospedale Policlinico Bari, Piazza Giulio Cesare, 11, 70124 Bari, phone - +39 080 559 1111, 8 KM, 20 minutes

Nearby Banks and ATMs

Banca Popolare Del Mezzogiorno S.P.A., Via Abate Giacinto Gimma, 66, 70121 Bari, 6 KM, 15 minutes, 20 minute walk
Banca Carime Spa, Via Alessandro Maria Calefati, 112, 70122 Bari, 6 KM, 15 minutes, 20 minute walk

Post Office

Poste Italianem Corso Antonio De Tullio, 1, 70122 Bar, 5.6 KM, 12 minutes, 10 minute walk

Port and Berths

Terminal Address - Banchina Deposito Franco, 70122 Bari

Photo of Castel del Monte by Massimo Catarinella