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This page is still under construction. We are working with local experts to select the finest businesses to recommend.

Cruise lines that visit Bari: Regent Seven Seas, Celebrity, Costa, MSC Cruises

Key Attractions: St. Nicholas Basilica, Bari Castle, Bari Cathedral, Trani Cathedral, Swabian Castle, Bitonto Cathedral, Angevin Castle, Castel del Monte, Trulli houses, Church of St. Anthony, Pane e Pommodoro Beach, Bisceglie Beach, Barletta Beach

Cruise Lines offer many excellent options for shore excursions.  These excursions are provided by companies that work with the cruise lines to insure the best products and timing for cruisers.  We encourage you to first explore the cruise line sponsored options.  If you decide to strike out on your own, the tours below are excellent options.

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Photo of Castel del Monte Courtyard by Matthias Kabel