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Popular Local Cuisine: Because the coast of Murcia has many salt flats, salt is used in many recipes both as a preservative and as a method. Tuna and mackerel are brined in salt before cooking and sea bream baked in a coating of dried salt is a specialty. Since Valencia is just north of Murcia, a wide variety of paella recipes are popular here as well. The rice of Murcia is the most prized. The plain around the city of Murcia is known as the orchard of Spain for its fruits and vegetables. Murcia's vegetable bounty is used in local recipes including the tapas pisto huertano (fried vegetables) and a chard and chickpeas stew. A special recipe from the Mar Menor area is Pastel de Cierva (Deer Cake) a delectable blend of sweet and savory - a sugar flour crust is filled with poultry, meats and egg. Fig bread is a local specialty as is a sweet dessert coffee made with cognac, condensed milk, and cinnamon called asiatico caf.

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Key Attractions: Roman Theater, Roman Theater Museum, Archaeological Museum, Underwater Archaeological Museum, Conception Castle Esplanade de Bandaras, Mar Menor, Murcia Cathedral, Santa Clara Convent Museum, El Portus Beach, Cabo de Palos, Cala Fria, Cala Flores, Cala Reona, Cartagonova, Cala del Pino, Manga Beach, Torrevieja

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