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Popular Local Cuisine: Romanian cuisine is derived from a wide variety of influences from Dacian, Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Hungarian, Slavic and German. So the food in the country is unusually varied. Dinner often starts with a sour soup called ciorba. Traditional Farm cheeses such as Branza de burduf and Branza în cosulet made from sheep's milk are traditional starters. Farm sausages, such as Camati and Caltabos, and meatballs are featured in holiday specialties. Popular main courses include meaty stews, such as Tochitura; snitel, the Romanian variation of the Vienese dish; goulash, from the Hungarians and musaca, from the Greeks. And as in its Balkan and Slavic neighboring states, stuffed vegetables such as pepper, cabbage and eggplant are commonly served.

Joffry cake, invented in Bucharest and named for the French military leader in World War I, is a rich buttermilk chocolate cake that is unique to Romania. The national drink is Tuica, a plum brandy.

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Key Attractions: Sinop Fortress Prison, Alaaddin Mosque, Archaeological Museum, Balatlar Church , Karakum, DSI, Kumsal, Sarikum Nature Reserve, Hamsilos Fjord, Erfelek Waterfalls, Ayancik, Inalti Cave, Boyabat Castle

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