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Iraklio (Alternate Spelling)

Popular Local Cuisine: The most dominant ingredient in Cretan cuisine is the local extra virgin olive oil. Though the island has long been relatively poor, the strong agricultural tradition meant that quality fresh foods were available to all but the poorest all year round. When you visit the restaurants of Crete, the foods will be similar to that in other Greek regions, except for the substitution of local ingredients. For example, instead of brined feta cheese, salads and other dishes replace this with the local Mizithra from sheep or goat milk and made with whey. Vegetables and legumes dominate the cuisine, especially eggplant, tomatoes, summer squash, a wide variety of beans and potatoes. Dishes tend to be simple and lightly spiced. In restaurants, main dishes tend to have more meat than the normal Cretan would eat. Some nice choices are lamb and beef stews with tomatoes or artichokes, grilled fish, Chortopitakia (a small spinach pie), and rabbit with yoghurt.

Cretan wines include the traditional Greek retsina and the red sherry-like Marouvas. Stronger spirits such as raki (the local favorite) or ouzo are popular as well.

Photo of Cretan Koukouvagia by Frente

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Cruise lines that visit Heraklion: Voyages to Antiquity, Cunard, Holland America, Costa, MSC Cruises

Key Attractions: Knossos Palace, Koules Venetian Fortress, Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Lassithi Plateau, Windmills, Kera Monastery, Amoudara Beach, Water Parks, Elounda, Spinalonga Island, Rethymnon, Arkadi Monastery, Phaestos Palace, Agia Triada Palace, Malia Palace, Gournia

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