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Itea (Delphi), Greece Port | Map | Locations

Cruise lines that visit Itea: Paul Gauguin, Seabourn, SeaDream Yacht Club, Silversea, Holland America, Princess

Key Attractions: Itea, Kirra, Beaches, Ancient Delphi, Delphi Archaeological Museum, Modern Delphi, Arachova, Hosios Loukas Monastery (also spelled Osios Loukas)

As you sail into the Gulf of Corinth, you will be following an ancient route traveled from the late 8th century BCE until the late 5th century AD by those seeking the sage advice of the Oracle at Delphi. You will arrive at the modern port of Itea, just 2 kilometers west of Kirra, where the ancients landed. You will likely take a coach up the steep side of Mount Parnassus for about 10 miles, while the ancients would have had to walk or be carried up the steep incline. You will first see a large museum filled with the smaller artifacts and objects from the site of the Oracle and then climb the switch-backed path to the site of temples, treasuries for the major Greek cities, the amphitheater, a stadium where the Pythian Games were held and the remnants of many other buildings. Here, the ancients would have asked the priests a question about their future and would have witnessed a Priestess ranting wildly as if under a spell. The priests interpreted these ravings using them to predict the future.

Delphi is one of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites easily accessible from Itea. The other is Hosios Loukas Monastery, with two important churches built in the 11th century. The icons and frescoes in the monastery are stunning and the setting is breath-taking. For those not so interested in history, the lovely towns of Delphi and Arachova (the southernmost Ski town in Greece) offer tavernas and shopping as well as great views from the side of Mount Parnassus. And if you feel like just staying put, there are some nice beaches in Itea and Kirra.

Local Currency: Euro

Primary Language: Greek

Secondary Languages: limited

Visa requirements: Not required for US and Canadian citizens

Photo of Itea seen from Delphi by JM

Geography and Population

Deep in the Gulf of Corinth is the Bay of Itea, near where the ancients docked to visit the Oracle high above on the southern slope of Mount Parnassis. At that time, the port was known as Kirra. The current population of this small port is about 6000.

Map of Region with Port, Airport and Attractions

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How Far?


From To Distance Average Time Local Currency Fare
Itea Cruise Pier Athens Airport 216 KM 2 hours 50 minutes  
Itea Cruise Pier Kirra 2 KM 5 minutes  
Itea Cruise Pier Modern Delphi 17 KM 30 minutes  
Itea Cruise Pier Ancient Delphi and Archaeological Museum 18 KM 30 minutes  
Itea Cruise Pier Arachova 29 KM 40 minutes  
Itea Cruise Pier Hosios Loukas Monastery 45 KM 50 minutes  

Local Services - Addresses


Panepistimiako Geniko Nosokomeie Patras, Choris Onoma, Rio 26500, 101 KM, 1 hour 50 minutes

Nearby Banks and ATMs

Currency Exchange at Nafsika Palace, 6 Heroon Ave, Itea 33200, 1 KM, 4 minutes

Post Office

Post Office, Parodos Desfinis, Itea 33100, 0.7 KM, 2 minutes, 7 minute walk

Port and Berths

Pier Address - Eikostis Ogdois Oktovriou 43-51, Itea 33100

Photo of Hosios Loukas Monastery by JM