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Popular Local Cuisine: As with many small islands, seafood is a predominant focus of the cuisine. The most famous tradition dish on the island is Caldereta de Langosta, a succulent lobster stew. Other seafood stews are also popular, including variations with sea bass and barnacles (sea dates and goose barnacles), or combining several different types of seafood. The favorite local vegetable is eggplant which is baked or roasted and often stuffed with meats, rice, tomatoes and spices in various combinations. Like Mallorca, its smaller sister is famous for its pork sausages often called sobrasada which are rich and flavorful. Traditional Spanish and Catalan items such as paella, pork, lamb, and tapas are also easy to find in local restaurants. Minorca has its own variety of ice cream that is very popular. The most popular dessert is ensaimada, a pastry stuffed with either pumpkin or custard.

The most famous alcoholic beverage on the island is certainly the local gin, produced in Mahon since the 18th century when the British took control of the island. While all gins feature juniper flavoring, other flavors are unique to each brand, so the Minorcan variety is interesting to those interested in distilled spirits.

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