Cruise Port Atlas | Mykonos (Delos), Greece Day Trips | Attractions

Mykonos (Delos), Greece Day Trips | Attractions

With limited time in port, planning is the best way to make the most of your time. Should you strike out on your own? Should you hire a local guide? Or should you book a shore excursion offered by the cruise line or an international tour company? Below we have listed the attractions and activities that many other cruisers have enjoyed. This information should help you plan.

The advantage to cruise line tours is that they are timed for your visit and give you flexibility to change your mind after your trip begins. The advantage of using a large international firm is that tours are often less expensive than cruise sponsored tours. The advantage to using a local tour company or guide is that prices can be significantly lower or you may be able to get a customized trip just to see the attractions that interest you most.

Cruise lines that visit Mykonos: Star Clippers, Voyages of Discovery, Voyages to Antiquity, Windstar, Azamara Club Cruises, Crystal, Oceania, Paul Gauguin, Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, SeaDream Yacht Club, Silversea, Celebrity, Cunard, Holland America, Princess, Costa, Disney Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean

Key Attractions: Mykonos Old Town (Chora - Hora), Paraportiana Church, Little Venice, Mykonos Windmills, Folklore Museum, Mykonos Archaeological Museum, Agios Ioannis Beach, Ornos Beach, Platis Gialos Beach, Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach, Elias Beach, Kalafati Beach, Delos Archaeological Park, Delos Archaeological Museum, Sacred Way, Italian Agora, Delos Theater, Sacred Lake, Avenue of Lions, Ano Mera, Monastery of Panagia Tourliani,

Mykonos (Chora) Attractions

Cruise Port to Chora (Old Town) - 4 KM, 8 minutes
Tender Dock to Chora (Old Town) - 1.2 KM, 4 minutes, 11 minutes walking
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Mykonos (known as Chora, or Hora locally, to distinguish it from the island) is a polished gem of a port on the western side of the island. The town is a maze of whitewashed squat buildings along narrow cobbled alleys, mostly inaccessible to cars. The most famous building in the Chora is the Paraportiana Church, considered a classic of Byzantine architecture and which is actually five interconnected chapels, four on a lower level and one built on top of the others. South of the old port is the area called Little Venice where mostly two-storied whitewashed buildings sit right on the Aegean creating an arc of color as sunset and the water reflect. Tavernas in this area are very popular for the view. Just to the south of Little Venice are the town’s famous windmills. The town also features museums that include: the Archaeological Museum, which offers some items from Delos if you don't get a chance to go there; a maritime museum with models going back to the Minoan era; and a Folklore Museum. Though walking can be challenging on the cobblestones, everything within the old town is within easy walking distance.



Photos of Mykonos Old Town and Paraportiani Church by Bernard Gagnon

Delos Island and Archaeological Park

Ferry Dock (Old Port) to Delos by ferry - 10 KM, 65 minutes
Delos Ferry dock to attractions - 0.2 - 1.0 KM, 2 to 10 minutes walking
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Delos shows evidence of human habitation going back to the 3rd millennium BCE and there are ruins from the Minoan, Mycenaean, Classical Greek, Roman, Jewish and other cultures on the island. It is a National Historic Park and among the most important and largest sites of archaeological ruins in Greece, rivaling those in Delphi and Olympia. Delos' historic and religious importance derives primarily from the legend that Apollo and his twin sister, Artemis, were born to their mother Leto, who had coupled with Zeus and needed to hide the birth from the jealous Hera, Zeus' wife. The ruins on the island live up to their name, being mostly isolated columns and walls, fallen sculptures, and damages mosaics. Smaller items have been moved into the Archaeological Museum. A walk around the Apollo precinct, or for the more adventurous all around the island, is a rewarding experience. Highlights include: the Terrace of the Lions, with its impressive carvings showing clear Egyptian influence; the Dorian Temple of Apollo (Temple of the Delians); the Stoivadeion, with its massive phallus sculpture dedicated to Dionysus; and several houses of the Roman era with ornate mosaic floors. The Delos Synagogue, located on the northwestern corner of the island, is considered by some archaeologists the oldest known synagogue, dating back to the mid-2nd century BCE.



Photo of Delos Lions by Vijinn, Photo of Delos Theater (Public Domain)

Mykonos Beaches

Cruise Port to Ornos Beach - 7 KM, 12 minutes
Tender Dock to Ornos Beach - 4 KM, 7 minutes
Cruise Port to Agios Ioannis Beach - 8 KM, 14 minutes
Tender Dock to Agios Ioannis Beach - 5 KM, 8 minutes
Cruise Port to Platis Gialos - 8 KM, 15 minutes
Tender Dock to Platis Gialos - 5.4 KM, 11 minutes
Cruise Port to Paradise Beach - 9 KM, 16 minutes
Tender Dock to Paradise Beach - 6.3 KM, 12 minutes
Cruise Port to Super Paradise Beach - 10 KM, 18 minutes
Tender Dock to Super Paradise Beach - 7 KM, 13 minutes
Cruise Port to Elia Beach - 13 KM, 18 minutes
Tender Dock to Elia Beach - 11 KM, 17 minutes
Cruise Port to Kalafati Beach - 13 KM, 20 minutes
Tender Dock to Kalafati Beach - 11 KM, 17 minutes
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A book (perhaps best a romance or adventure novel) could be written about the beaches of Mykonos, which are in many ways the center of its tourism industry. Every side of the island has beaches, though the most popular are on the southern coast. During the summer season, the party crowd gathers at Paradise and Super Paradise beaches where nudity and alternative lifestyles are the norm and the music starts pounding in the afternoon and continues until dawn on many nights. Quieter, but offering lots of activities such as water sports and tavernas is Elias Beach, which is the longest on the island. Closer to Chora is Platis Gialos which also has all the facilities you could want on an organized beach, but with less nudity than you'll see at most of Mykonos beaches. Ornos Beach is considered by some the finest beach on the island and is located on the south side of an isthmus just south of Chora. Agios Ioannis is not far from Ornos and is a nice choice for those seeking a quieter location within easy distance of the Old Town. For those seeking windsurfing, snorkeling and other water sports, Kalafati is an excellent choice.



Photo of Agios Ioannis Beach by JossDude, Photo of Elias Beach (Public Domain)

Ano Mera

Cruise Port to Ano Mera - 10 KM, 14 minutes
Tender Dock to Ano Mera - 7 KM, 10 minutes
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In the center of the island is the settlement of Ano Mera, less a village than a collection of whitewashed houses on the slopes. Within this area is the 16th century Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, named for the icon of the Virgin Mary which was found at Tourlos and is now housed at the monastery. Along with the Paraportiana Church this is the most visited Orthodox site on the island, offering an ornate Byzantine Church and fine examples of Byzantine wood carvings, icons, garments and ecclesiastical objects. Not far away is the 12th century Paleokastro Monastery that offers tours as well.



Photos of Monastery of Panagia Tourliani and Ano Mera by Bernard Gagnon

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