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The island of Sardinia has a cuisine inspired by the rugged terrain and by the sea. If you arrive in May, the rock lobsters are plentiful and less expensive. Served in a variety of ways, the specialty in Alghero is lobster with citrus, while a Catalan-style boiled lobster is also popular. Another famous sea-based edible is bottarga, the roe of mullet or tuna, dried, smoked or salted and served in slices as an appetizer or in pastas. If you have a chance, you should tried carraxiu (buried meat), suckling pig, (or sometimes calf or lamb) roasted in the ground with aromatic myrtle spicing the meat. A more rustic and simple specialty is known in English as music paper. It is very thin slices of toasted Sardinian bread that’s layered and served with tomato, pecorino romano, and a fried egg. Among the famous desserts are sebadas, a fried cheese-filled ravioli served with honey and biscuits stuffed with almonds and sweet cheese. Pecorino romano is a specialty of the island.

Sardinia has a long tradition of wine-making and there are a wide selection of quality reds, whites and roses made with various grapes.

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