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Popular Local Cuisine: In all of Italy food is a major focus and Liguria is no different. The most famous of all Ligurian exports is Pesto dominated the king of all Ligurian herbs, basil. A blend of basil, pine nuts, olive oil, local pecorino cheese and garlic, Pesto is traditionally blended with a mortar and pestle which is how it got its name. It is served alone on pasta, with green beans and potatoes, and is added to minestrone to produce the Genoese variety of soup. If you have it with pasta, do not be surprised to find a piece of potato mixed in - a Ligurian tradition. The most famous regional pasta is ravioli (meaning things of little value) which is commonly stuffed with veal, vegetables, pumpkin, or more recently fish. A large variety of ravioli is called pansotti often filled with herbs. Another local pasta is corzeti, leavened circles of pasta of red and green.

Surprisingly, fish is not at all common in the traditional local cuisine, except for the fish stew called stoccafisso. Focaccia, an unleavened bread sprinkled with sea salt and brushed with the sweet local olive oil, is served in nearly every restaurant. Instead of pizza, you will find la farinata made with chickpea flour and topped with onions, mushroom sauce and cheese. A nice lunch might be the famous torta pasqualina, a phyllo pastry pie made with chard, artichokes, egg and fresh cheese. For dessert, the local chestnuts are glazed and served with a mascarpone cheese sauce.

The most popular wines in the region are light white wines made with a blend of grapes, including Vermentino. The most well-known source for these wines is the Cinque Terre region near La Spezia and the most famous label is Sciacchetra, a sweet wine made from the dried grapes. A red made with the local Rossese di Ventimiglia grape is also popular.

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