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Portoferraio (Elba), Italy Port | Map | Locations

Cruise lines that visit Portoferraio: Star Clippers, Windstar, Azamara Club Cruises, Paul Gauguin, Seabourn, SeaDream Yacht Club

Key Attractions: Fort Falcone, Villa San Martino, Torre del Martello, Roman Villa, Villa dei Mulini, Napoleon Museum, Archaeologcial Museum, Lacona, Procchio, La Caleta, Sant'Andrea, Cavo, Fetovaia, Marina de Campo, Monte Capanne, Tuscan Archipelago Nature Reserve, Mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, trekking, Marciana, Porto Azzurro, Marciana Marina,

The island of Elba is most famous for 299 days in its history when the French exiled their emperor Napoleon Bonaparte there in 1814-15. During his residence, he lived in two homes and worked to improve the governance of the island and its infrastructure. That must be the reason why the city and island celebrate the Corsican with such gusto and focus many tours on his brief stay. Nonetheless, the history of the island did not begin in 1814 and the natural attractions and beaches of the island have contributed more to the long-term popularity of the island than the Emperor. Beginning in the late pre-historic era, the island was well-known for its iron deposits which is why the capital is known as "Iron Port." The Medici's built the rebuilt the port city in the 16th century during time when Porto Azzurro was held by the Spanish. There are three fortresses in the city and two in Porto Azzurro. The island’s largest beaches are in the area around Lacona, on the southern coast, though there are many smaller beaches on each shore. Prehistoric sites dot the island and artifacts from local civilizations are housed in a museum in Marciana at the foot of Monte Capanne, which can be climbed in a cable car for the incredible views. Not far from larger Portoferraio is the rustic fishing village of Marciana Marina. The island offers many activities for the active traveler. Hiking, biking and horseback riding are great ways to see some of the island’s finest natural sites, most of which is a natural reserve. Snorkeling and scuba operators offer excellent underwater viewing sites.

Local Currency: Euro

Primary Language: Italian

Secondary Languages: none

Visa requirements: Not required for US and Canadian citizens

Photo of Portoferraio by Magrathea

Geography and Population

Elba has a population of around 32,000 with 12,000 living in and around Portoferraio. However, the population is significantly higher in the summer months with the arrival of part time residents and other visitors. The island is a rocky high point of the Tuscan archipelago and has a fertile and relatively flat middle section. Portoferraio is in a naturally protected bay.

Map of Region with Port, Airport and Attractions

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How Far?

Taxis information is still under research.

From To Distance Average Time Local Currency Fare
Portoferraio Cruise Dock Elba Airport 13 KM 19 minutes  
Portoferraio Cruise Dock Fort Falcone 3 KM 7 minutes  
Portoferraio Cruise Dock Villa dei Mulini and Napoleon Museum 2 KM 5 minutes  
Portoferraio Cruise Dock Torre del Martello and Archaeological Museum 2 KM 4 minutes  
Portoferraio Cruise Dock Villa San Martino (Napoleon's Winter home) 5 KM 9 minutes  
Portoferraio Cruise Dock Roman Villa 4.5 KM 7 minutes  
Portoferraio Cruise Dock Porto Azzurro 13 KM 16 minutes  
Portoferraio Cruise Dock Marciana Marina 17 KM 22 minutes  
Portoferraio Cruise Dock Marciana 21 KM 29 minutes  
Portoferraio Cruise Dock Lacona Beaches 9 KM 16 minutes  
Portoferraio Cruise Dock Procchio beach 10 KM 13 minutes  

Local Services - Addresses


Portoferraio-Pronto Soccorso, Via Dei Mille, Portoferraio (LI), phone - +(39)-0565926111, 1 KM, 3 minutes, 10 minute walk

Nearby Banks and ATMs

Isola D'Elba - Banca di Cred. Cooperativo Soc. Coop. Arl, Piazza Virgilio, 41, 57037 Portoferraio, 0,7 KM, 2 minutes, 7 minute walk
Unicredit Spa, Via Rodolfo Manganaro, 1, Portoferraio, 1.3 KM, 3 minutes, 11 minutes

Post Office

Poste Italiane Spa, Via Rodolfo Manganaro, 71 KM, 3 minutes, 9 minute walk

Port and Berths

Dock Location - Nearest Street Address - Calata Italia, 45, 57037 Portoferraio LI
GPS location - 42.810892, 10.323794

Photo of Fetovaia Beach by philiTizzani