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Cruise lines that visit Pula: Voyages of Discovery, SeaDream Yacht Club, Silversea, Viking River Cruises

Key Attractions: Pula Arena, Pula Castle, Golden Arch, Temple of Augustus, Cathedral of the Assumption, Rovinj Harbor, Rovinj Islands, St. Euphemia Church, Rovinj Aquarium, Historic Porec, Euphrasian Basilica, Pazin Castle, Pazin Chasm, Brijuni Islands National Park, Brijuni Safari Park

The ancient city of Pula sits at the strategic end of the triangular Istrian peninsula at the northern end of the Adriatic Sea, not far from coastal Slovenia and the major Italian ports of Trieste and Venice. The entire peninsula has a contentious history and was dominated by foreign powers far more than it was ruled by local cultures. A major center for Roman trade, there are significant remains of the first and second centuries AD including the elegant Arena. The hilltop star-shaped fortress sits in the center of the city's compact historic center. The beautiful c-shaped harbor is adjacent to a rugged coastline which offers resorts and beaches but very little sand. Scuba and other active water sports are popular in the area and trips to the nearby Brijuni Islands, a Croation National Park, is a popular day trip. To the north toward the Slovenian and Italian borders are the coastal cities of Rovinj and Porec. Rovinj is a scenic tourist center with a lively cafe culture and beautiful views of the St. Euphemia Church on the city's peninsular center. Small islands off the coast offer serene waters and rocky and gravel beaches. Porec also sits on a peninsula that offers the UNESCO World Heritage Euphrasian Basilica and its adjacent museum. Between Rovinj and Porec is the long and narrow Lim Bay, which is neither a fjord nor a canal, though often called both. Boat tours are a lovely and restful experience. Within the Istrian peninsula is the famous town of Pazin, Jules Verne's Pisino in the novel Matthias Sanddorf, where the castle, dramatic gorge and underwater lake play an important role in the adventure story.

Local Currency: Croatian kuna (HRK) | Current exchange rates at

Primary Language: Croatian

Secondary Languages: Many other European languages are spoken in tourist areas

Visa requirements: Not required for US and Canadian citizens

Photo of Pula Arena by Orlovic

Geography and Population

With just over 60,000 residents, Pula is the largest city on the Istrian peninsula. Istria is part of the karst geological region on the northeast coast of the Adriatic.

Map of Region with Port, Airport and Attractions

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How Far?

Taxis are available in Pula and Rovinj. Fare start at 35 HRK for the first 3 kilometers with 8 HRK added for kilometers after that.

From To Distance Average Time Local Currency Fare
Pula Cruise Berth Pula Airport 6.5 KM 9 minutes 100 HRK
Pula Cruise Berth Arena 1.6 KM 5 minutes, 8 minute walk  
Pula Cruise Berth Castle and Historic Center 1 - 1.5 KM 3-4 minutes, 11-15 minute walk  
Pula Cruise Berth Valkane Beach 4 KM 8 minutes  
Pula Cruise Berth Punta Verudela 5 KM 9 minutes  
Pula Cruise Berth Rovinj 36 KM 42 minutes  
Pula Cruise Berth Lim Bay 33 KM 33 minutes  
Pula Cruise Berth Porec 54 KM 48 minutes  
Pula Cruise Berth Pazin 49 KM 39 minutes  
Pula Cruise Berth Fazana 8 KM 13 minutes  
Fazana Brijuni Islands National Park 2 KM about 15 minutes (Ferry or water taxi)  

Local Services - Addresses


Opca bolnica Pula, Zagrebacka ulica 34, 52100, Pula, phone - +385 52 214 433, 1.9 KM, 6 minutes

Nearby Banks and ATMs

Veneto Banka d.d., Flavijevska ulica 8, 52100, Pula, 2.3 KM, 6 minutes, 6 minute walk
Istarska Banka d.d., Ulica Hermana Dalmatina 4, 52100, Pula, 1.7 KM, 4 minutes

Post Office

Flaciusova ulica, 52100, Pula, 1.3 KM, 2 minutes

Port and Berths

Cruise Berth - Nearest street address - Ulica Svetog Petra, 52100, Pula
GPS - 44.874872, 13.847975

Aerial Photo of Pula by Orlovic