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Port Qaboos (Muscat), Oman Map | Locations

Cruise lines that visit Muscat: Voyages of Discovery, Voyages to Antiquity, Azamara Club Cruises, Oceania, Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, Silversea, Celebrity, Holland America, Princess, Costa, MSC Cruises

Key Attractions: Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Royal Opera House Muscat, Muscat Museums, Al Jaleli Fort, Al Mirani Fort, Nakhal Fort, Armed Forces Museum, Qurum Beach, Al Hooti Cave, Wadi Bani Khalid, Golf Courses, Scuba locations

Muscat is the capital and largest city in the expansive country of Oman, occupying the western tip of the Arabian Peninsula and a small disconnected area on the southern side of the straits of Hormuz, which leads to the Persian Gulf. The culture of Oman is unique for two reasons. First, the native Omanis belong to the Ibadhi branch of Islam, which is not allied with Sunni or Shi'a, and is therefore not involved in the struggle between those dominant sects. Second, because of its location, the culture of the area has been influenced by the seafaring locals who established trading posts in East Africa and in India across the Arabian Sea. Visitors should remember that Oman is a conservative country, so in religious and other buildings modest dress is expected.

Muscat is the name given to the small palace and historic center to the east of the port. It is also the name of the larger metropolitan area, which includes the port and old city in Mutrah, the commercial center in Ruwi, the new cultural and governmental area around Medinat Qaboos, and Al Azaiba and Seeb near the airport. The city has several small interesting museums covering many areas of interest. The recently completed Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is a sight of stunning beauty and elegance and the third largest in Islam. The new Royal Opera House of Muscat opened in 2011 and is aiming to change the cultural landscape of the Arabian Peninsula. There are many lovely beaches in the area around Muscat, some isolated and others highly developed. Scuba diving and golf are among the most popular activities in the region. There are a number popular natural parks and remote attractions reachable by day visitors interested in experiencing local natural spots.

Local Currency: Omani Rial

Primary Language: Arabic

Secondary Languages: English, Swahili and several Indian Languages

Visa requirements: Not required for US and Canadian citizens

Photo of Muscat's Corniche by Pranav21391

Geography and Population

Muscat is near the entrance to the Persian Gulf on the Gulf of Oman on the westernmost portion of the Arabian peninsula. It is in an arid area with dramatic rocky hills and mountains. The population of the metropolitan area is nearly 750,000 which is over 1/4 of Oman's population.

Map of Region with Port, Airport and Attractions

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How Far?

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From To Distance (Approximate) Average Time Local Currency Fare
Port Qaboos Cruise Terminal Airport 25 KM    
Port Qaboos Cruise Terminal Royal Opera House 8 KM    
Port Qaboos Cruise Terminal Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque 15 KM    
Port Qaboos Cruise Terminal Royal Palace-Natural History Museum,
Al Mirani Fort, Al Jaleli Fort
5 KM    
Port Qaboos Cruise Terminal Mutrah Souk, The Corniche 1 KM    
Port Qaboos Cruise Terminal Sultan's Armed Forces Museum, National Museum 3 KM    
Port Qaboos Cruise Terminal Qurum beach 7 KM    
Port Qaboos Cruise Terminal Al Bustan beach 10 KM    
Port Qaboos Cruise Terminal Al Hooti Cave 150 KM 2 hours  
Port Qaboos Cruise Terminal Nakhal Fort 70 KM    
Port Qaboos Cruise Terminal Wadi Bani Khalid 200 KM
Marina Bandar Khayran Reserve   40 minutes (by boat)  

Local Services - Addresses


Ar Rahma Hospital - 1 KM

Nearby Banks and ATMs

National Bank of Oman, 1 KM
HSBC Bank of the Middle East, 3 KM

Post Office

1 KM

Port and Berths

Cruise Ship Berth

GPS location - 23.626754, 58.567572