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Popular Local Products: The smells and colors of Provence are the first thing you notice in a Provencal market. Lavender is the most typical scent and is used to create an abundance of products including candles and incense. Olive oil products, such as soaps with a wide variety of scents, are a nice gift to bring home. I know this from personal experience as my female relatives often ask that I bring back more the next time I go. The textiles are decorated with provencal designs featuring the blue and golden yellow of the countryside. Flowers and produce may be impractical to bring home, but a market filled with the local agricultural products has been a highlight of my visits to sunny Provence.

The coast of Provence has long been an important entry port for trade between Western Europe and products from points east. These could be French designs, Asian manufactured fashions or spices, Egyptians cottons and African crafts. Depending on the port where you arrive, the products will vary from high fashion to rare and rustic crafts. Prices are generally lower in Provence than in Paris, London or Rome, though it is still wise to shop carefully.

Photo of Provencal Market by CCIV DBeudin

Cruise lines that visit Porquerolles: Star Clippers

Key Attractions: St. Agatha Fortress, Botanical Park, Notre Dame (beach), La Courtade (beach), Plage d'Argent, Hiking Trails, Bike Trails, Diving, Domaine de la Courtade, Domaine de l'Ile, Domaine Perzinsky

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