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Popular Local Cuisine: The cuisine of Provence is based on the sea and the rugged terrain of the region. The most typical ingredients are garlic and olive oil, with fish, tomatoes and the green herbs of the countryside enlivening the flavors of local cooking. The iconic of provencal recipes is Bouillabaisse, the fish stew made with saffron and other herbs. The most traditional Bouillabaisse is served with the seafood in a separate dish. The hearty eggplant and summer squash of local farms are blended with tomatoes, onions, garlic and basil to create the typical vegetable medley of Ratatouille. Mixing olive oil to make a basic mayonnaise and adding fresh crushed garlic the locals create Aioli, a sauce that can enhance the local bread or even cooked courses. Courses served a la Provencal come with a garlicky tomato sauce. For an appetizer, spread some olive based tapenade onto fresh bread.

Porquerolles is the source of some excellent wines that are certified as Cote de Provence AOC. The most popular are roses, but there are also very good reds and whites.

Photo of traditional Bouillabaise by Slastic

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Cruise lines that visit Porquerolles: Star Clippers

Key Attractions: St. Agatha Fortress, Botanical Park, Notre Dame (beach), La Courtade (beach), Plage d'Argent, Hiking Trails, Bike Trails, Diving, Domaine de la Courtade, Domaine de l'Ile, Domaine Perzinsky

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