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Popular Local Cuisine: Cross Italian tradition, wild herbs and vegetables of the rugged island, and throw in a little French polish and you will run into the intersection that is Corsican traditional cuisine. Many of the most famous food items are simple cheeses and sausages. Brocciu is the local ricotta, richer and smoother than its Italian cousin. Salamu is the local variety of the famous Italian cousin. Prizuttu is a variation on the salty Italian version, thin sliced ham from chestnut and acorn fed half-wild boar. And there is a long list of sliced meats, mostly made from the famous Corsican pork, to be found on the island. If you prefer your meats blended with local produce, there is a famous wild boar casserole known as Civet de Sanglier. For a seafood-based meal try Aziminu, the Corsican bouillabaisse. Many desserts are local variations of more famous originals which use the local chestnut flour to enhance the flavor. Examples are the famous chestnut tart called Torta Pisticcina, and cheesecake known as Fiadone.

Patrimonio wines from the north of Corsica are the most renowned from the island, especially the reds and roses made from the Nieluccio grape. A lighter red is produced near Ajaccio from the Sciacarello grape. In the south of the island lesser known wines are produced near Sartene and Calvi.

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