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Port-Vendres, France Map | Locations

Cruise lines that visit Port-Vendres: Star Clippers, Windstar, Azamara Club Cruises, Oceania, Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn

Key Attractions: Port-Vendres Harbor, Fort St. Elmo, Fort Bear, Collioure, Chateau Royal, Notre-Dame des Anges, Argeles Plage, Paulilles, Racou Beach, Carcassonne, Pyrenees, Mont Louis, Villefranche-de-Conflent, Yellow Train

Port-Vendres is a small port with a long deep harbor, making it the natural selection for cruise lines looking to stop in Catalan France. Port Vendres likely got its name from the Venus Temple that was built by the Romans in the area, but no one has ever found any of it. Because of its deep water, Port-Vendres has remained an important entry port for people and goods through the ages. The town is surrounded by hilltop fortresses built in over the centuries. Fort Bear is a fairly easy walk from town and offers great views. The most important Fortress is Fort St. Elme, which gives great view of the scenic town of Collioure to the north. Collioure is the most popular tourist town in the area with an impressive palace-fortress centering the town. Just north of Collioure is Argeles Plage, a long and highly commercial beach. Several cruise lines promote Port-Vendres as the gateway to Carcassonne, the huge inland castle and fortified town that is one of Frances oldest tourist attractions. The whole area is at the edge of the Pyrenees and a great way to see the mountain scenery is to take the Yellow Train, a tourist train ride along the ridges not far from the coast. Banyul-sur-Mer, not far south of Port-Vendres and very close to the Spanish border, offers lovely seaside cafes and the famous red fortified wine called Banyuls.

Local Currency: Euro

Primary Language: French

Secondary Languages: Catalan is becoming more common

Visa requirements: Not required for US and Canadian citizens

Photo of Port-Vendres Quays by JPBazard

Geography and Population

Port-Vendres is situated about 20 minutes driving from the border of Spain in an isolated corner of France that is very near the dramatic Pyrenees. The town has a population of about 5000 and nearby Collioure has only 3000. The capital of the region is Perpignan, about 30 minutes north, which has a population of 120,000.

Map of Region with Port, Airport and Attractions

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How Far?


From To Distance Average Time Local Currency Fare
Port-Vendres Cruise Terminal Perpignan Airport 39 KM 40 minutes  
Port-Vendres Cruise Terminal City Center 1.5 KM 4 minutes, 19 minute walk  
Port-Vendres Cruise Terminal St. Elme Fort 4 KM 11 minutes  
Port-Vendres Cruise Terminal Fort Bear 3.3 9 minutes  
Port-Vendres Cruise Terminal Collioure 4.6 KM 10 minutes  
Port-Vendres Cruise Terminal Paulilles 3 KM 6 minutes  
Port-Vendres Cruise Terminal Racou Beach 9 KM 12 minutes  
Port-Vendres Cruise Terminal Argeles Plages (North) 11 KM 17 minutes  
Port-Vendres Cruise Terminal Banyuls-sur-Mer 6.3 KM 9 minutes  
Port-Vendres Cruise Terminal Perpignan 32 KM 30 minutes  
Port-Vendres Cruise Terminal Villefranche-de-Conflent (Yellow Train) 83 KM 1 hour 10 minutes  
Port-Vendres Cruise Terminal Carcassonne 152 KM 1 hour 40 minutes  

Local Services - Addresses


Centre Hospitalier de Perpignan, 20 Avenue du Languedoc, 66000 Perpignan, 38 KM, 40 minutes

Nearby Banks and ATMs

Societe Generale, 9 Rue Jules Pams, 66660 Port-Vendres, 2.2 KM, 6 minutes
LCL - Le Credit Lyonnais, 7 Quai Pierre Forgas, 66660 Port-Vendres, 1.4 KM, 4 minutes

Post Office

La Poste, 9 Quai Pierre Forgas, 66660 Port-Vendre, 1.8 KM, 6 minutes

Port and Berths

Cruise Terminal, Le Pla du Port, 66660 Port-Vendres

Photo of Port-Vendres Obelisk by Duch.seb