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Popular Local Cuisine: Istrian Cuisine is similar to other Croatian cuisines including Dalmatian. The fertile lands of the region and the fecund seas of the Adriatic produce a bounty of produce, some local varieties little known outside the area, but well worth the experience. Local olive oils, wines, truffles and mussels from the Lim Bay are special products used in local recipes. The cheeses of the islands of Pag and Krk and the prsut ham begin many multi-course meals. The Istrian variation on minestrone, called Manestre, combines the local ham with beans and vegetables. Pasta has many local permutations and the most typical additions are a tomato sauce made with meat from the Boskarin ox and sardines or truffles added to lasagna. Two other popular entrees are Scampi Buzara, made with tomatoes and white wine, and Ombolo, dried, rubbed and grilled pork of the finest quality.

The largest known truffle was found on the peninsula and weighed in at an astounding 1.3 kilograms. Istrian red wines have an excellent reputation, especially those designated at Teran. Near Rovinj is the well-known vineyard of Kruncici.

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Cruise lines that visit Rovinj: Star Clippers, Windstar, Paul Gauguin, Seabourn, SeaDream Yacht Club

Key Attractions: Rovinj Harbor, Rovinj Islands, St. Euphemia Church, Rovinj Aquarium, Pula Arena, Pula Castle, Golden Arch, Temple of Augustus, Cathedral of the Assumption, Historic Porec, Euphrasian Basilica, Pazin Castle, Pazin Chasm, Brijuni Islands National Park, Brijuni Safari Park

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Photo of Istrian White Truffles by K. Korlevic