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Cruise lines that visit Sete: Star Clippers, Azamara Club Cruises, Paul Gauguin, Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, Silversea

Key Attractions: Sete, Sete Canals, Quay de Lattre de Tassigny, Mont St. Clair, Dinosaur Museum in Meze, Bouzigues, Frontignan, Poussan, Loupian, Carcassone Fortress, Aigues-Mortes, Canal du Midi, Arles, Nimes, Montpelier

Sete's Canals

Sete is known as the Venice of the Languedoc because of its canals. It is located on a peninsula between the Thau Lagoon and the Mediterranean at the foot of Mont St. Clair. The city has a large international population, lending it a cosmopolitan flair. Near Sete are 12 kilometers of lovely sand beaches. Most cruise visitors to this port explore some incredible attractions inland from the city. One of the most popular historical attractions in France is the fortress at Carcassonne, a huge walled castle and town that has attracted tourists for more than 150 years. Another castle, Aigues-Mortes, was built during the era of the Crusades to protect the coast from Saracen invaders. The Canal du Midi, which connects the Mediterranean with the Atlantic, ends in Sete and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its beauty and historic importance.

Another UNESCO site in the region is Arles with its beautiful Roman and Romanesque structures. The city of Montpellier offers visitors a cosmopolitan city with baroque architecture and wonderful shopping.

Photo of Sete's Royal Canal by Erin Silversmith

Local Currency: Euro

Primary Language: French and Italian

Secondary Languages:

Visa requirements: American and Canadian tourists do not need a visa.


Geography and Population

Sete has a stunning geography as it straddles the east end of a narrow peninsula that hugs the Languedoc Coast of France. The city has a population of 42,000.

Map of Region with Port, Airport and Attractions

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How Far?

Taxi fares start at 2 Euros with 1,50 Euros for each additional kilometer.

From To Distance Average Time Local Currency Fare
Sete Montpellier Airport 42 KM 45 minutes 80 Euros
Sete Bezier Airport 43 KM 40 minutes 80 Euros
Cruise Terminal Quai Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny 1.6 KM 5 minutes 6 Euro
Cruise Terminal

Mont St. Clair

4.5 KM 12 minutes 11 Euros
Cruise Terminal Beaches 7-19 KM 13-30 minutes 18-38 Euros
Sete Frontignan 7.6 KM 10 minutes 19 Euros
Sete Poussan 12 KM 17 minutes 28 Euros
Sete Bouzigues 15 KM 19 minutes 33 Euros
Sete Meze 20 KM 24 minutes 40 Euros
Sete Montpellier 31 KM 45 minutes 75 Euros
Sete Beziers (Canal du Midi) 44 KM 45 minutes 85 Euros
Sete Aigues-Mortes 64 KM 60 minutes  
Sete Saint Guilhem de Desert 70 KM 1 hour 5 minutes  
Sete Nimes 84 KM 60 minutes  
Sete Arles 110 KM 1 hour 20 minutes  
Sete Carcassonne 137 KM 1 hour 30 minutes  
Sete's Beaches

Local Services - Addresses


Centre Hospitalier de Sète, Boulevard Camille Blanc, 34200 Sète, phone - 33 4 67 46 57 57, 5 KM, 12 minutes

Nearby Banks and ATMs
Société Générale, 5 Quai de la Résistance, 34200 Sète, 1.3 KM, 5 minutes, 8 minute walk
LCL - Le Crédit Lyonnais, 19 QU MAL D Lattre DE Tassigny, 34200 Sete, 1.3 KM, 5 minutes, 8 minute walk

Post Office

La Poste, 5 Boulevard Danièle Casanova, 34200 Sète, 2.4 KM, 7 minutes, 15 minute walk

Port and Berths

Quai du Maroc: GPS - 43.400261, 3.700565
Alternate Berth - Route de Pontmartin: GPS - 43.403894, 3.703655

Photo of Sete Beach by Christian Ferrer