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Salerno, Italy Port | Map | Locations

Cruise lines that visit Salerno: Celebrity, Holland America, Princess, MSC Cruises

Key Attractions: Salernitana Medical School, Salerno Cathedral, Arechis Castle, Lungomare, Amalfi, Naples, Pompeii, Paestum, Herculaneum, Ravello, Positano, Sorrento

Salerno is situated at the eastern end of the Amalfi Coast and the southeastern corner of the Sorrento Peninsula. It is most famous as the location of the world's first Medical University, the Salernitana Medical School (10th century), and there is a museum dedicated to the school in the city. The most famous attraction is the cathedral, with its Norman-Arabic clock tower and Romanesque design. High above the city is the massive Arechis Castle which offers great views of the port. Salerno features a beautiful seaside promenade called the Lungomare. Salerno is gaining a reputation as a tourist destination. It has a lot of green space in the city center with newly-developed parks. And of course the local pizza is not to be missed.

Local Currency: Euro

Primary Language:  Italian

Secondary Languages: None

Visa requirements: Not required for US and Canadian citizens

Photo of Salerno Cathedral Belltower by SOLOXSALERNO

Geography and Population

Map of Region with Port, Airport and Attractions

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Salerno is centrally located in the historic region of Campania at the southeast corner of the Sorrento Peninsula, making it an excellent spot for cruise stops. Like most cities in the region, it is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The small city has a population of about 140,000.


How Far?

Taxis in Italy are expensive so you are often better off booking excursions with your cruise line or pre-arranging tours with tour companies.  If you like to live as the locals do, then the local bus service is convenient and inexpensive.  It is not recommended that you rent a car!  The Amalfi road is incredibly scenic but also scary.  It would be a shame to miss it because of focusing on the traffic.

From To Distance Average Time Local Currency Fare
Salerno Cruise Terminal Cathedral 4 KM 11 minutes  
Salerno Cruise Terminal Salerno Airport 23 KM 30 minutes  
Salerno Cruise Terminal Arechis Castle 3.5 KM 10 minutes  
Salerno Cruise Terminal Lungomare (Promenade) 3 KM 11 minutes  
Salerno Cruise Terminal Amalfi 24 KM 35 minutes  
Salerno Cruise Terminal Positano 37 KM 50 minutes  
Salerno Cruise Terminal Ravello 26 KM 35 minutes  
Salerno Cruise Terminal Pompeii 30 KM 30 minutes  
Salerno Cruise Terminal Herculaneum 47 KM 50 minutes  
Salerno Cruise Terminal Sorrento 58 KM 65 minutes  
Salerno Cruise Terminal Naples 53 KM 55 minutes  
Salerno Cruise Terminal Paestum 49 KM 56 minutes  

Local Services - Addresses


San Giovanni di Dio e Ruggi D'Aragona, Via San Leonardo, 84131 Salerno, 14 KM, 21 minutes

Nearby Banks and ATMs

Banca Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena Spa, Via Roma, 118, 84121 Salerno, 3.5 KM, 12 minutes
Banca Della Campania Spa, Via Lungomare Trieste, 26/38, 84122 Salerno, 4 KM, 12 minutes

Post Office

Poste Italiane, Via Porto, 1, 84121 Salerno, Italy, 3 KM, 11 minutes

Port and Berths

Banchina Rossa Ovest, 84125 Salerno SA