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Cruise lines that visit Samos: Costa

Key Attractions: Archaeological Museum, Lykourgou Logotheti (avenue), Pythagoreion, Temple of Hera, Monastery of Panagia Spiliani, Tunnel of Eupalinus, Logothetis Castle, Kokkari, Karlovassi, Profiti Ilia Monastery, Potokaki Beach, Heraion Beach, Tsamadou Beach, Lemonakia Beach

The island of Samos is a North Aegean island just off the western coast of Anatolian Turkey and is very near the Turkish city of Kusadasi. The historic island is most famous for its beaches, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and as the birth place of the Hellenic philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras; his birth place is known as Pythagoreion and is a small fishing village on the south coast of the island. Mountainous and mostly green, Samos is a favorite seasonal vacation spot for the region. The main port and capital city goes by three different names - Samos, Vathy and the generic Chora. The city offers good shopping and an important Archaeological Museum. The nearby Tunnel of Eupalinus and the Temple of Hera make up a UNESCO World Heritage site. The north and south coasts of the island offer a wide variety of beaches, mostly with pebbles, some of which are well-developed and others of which are isolated and serene. The fishing villages of Kokkari and Karlovassi are popular tourist haunts.

Local Currency: Euro | Current exchange rates at

Primary Language: Greek

Secondary Languages: basic English spoken by many

Visa requirements: Not required for US and Canadian citizens

Photo of Vathy by Pe-sa

Geography and Population

Mountainous and green, Samos is separated from Turkey by a 1.6 kilometer channel. It has a population of just under 33,000.

Map of Region with Port, Airport and Attractions

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How Far?

Taxis start at 5 Euros. (March 2013)

From To Distance Average Time Local Currency Fare
Vathy Cruise Terminal Samos Airport 15 KM 22 minutes  
Vathy Cruise Terminal Archaeological Museum 1.4 KM 3 minutes  
Vathy Cruise Terminal Kokkari 11 KM 15 minutes  
Vathy Cruise Terminal Pythagoreion 13 KM 20 minutes  
Vathy Cruise Terminal Tsamadou Beach / Lemonakia Beach 13 KM 16 minutes  
Vathy Cruise Terminal Potokaki Beach 15 KM 24 minutes  
Vathy Cruise Terminal Heraion Beach 22 KM 38 minutes  
Vathy Cruise Terminal Karlovassi 31 KM 36 minutes  

Local Services - Addresses


General Hospital of Samos Agios Panteleimonas, Sintagmatarchi Kefalopoulou, Samos, phone - +30 2273 083100, 0.8 KM, 2 minutes

Nearby Banks and ATMs

Emporiki Bank, Logotheti, Samos 83100, 0.7 KM, 2 minutes, 6 minute walk
Hellenic Post Bank, Smirnis, Samos 83100, 1.2 KM, 3 minutes, 15 minute walk

Post Office

1.3 KM, 3 minutes, 15 minute walk

Port and Berths

Nearest Street Address - Sofouli, Samos 83100
GPS - 37.756449, 26.970252

Photo of Eupalinus Aquaduct by Moumouza