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Popular Local Cuisine: Cuisine is Sochi blends the traditional Russian dishes with selections from it's Black Sea neighbors. Particularly prevalent are imports from nearby Georgia and the region of Abkhazia. For street snacks favorites are Turkish Shish Kabobs with various meats and often serve on Lavash, the local flatbread. Magnolia Cheese balls are another popular treat. Spicy Solyanka soup and Acharuli Khachapuri, a cheese and egg sandwich are tasty Georgian imports. Russian potato salad with peas, carrots and cucumbers is a ubiquitous side dish with meals. Borscht takes many forms many of which are hearty and more than just beets. Blini, the small Russian buckwheat pancake, is famously topped with local caviar, but is often covered with fruits and creams or even smoked salmon. Khinkali are a famous stuffed pasta, similar to ravioli, excepting their shape which is more like a closed basket. Mountain trout, crayfish, Black Sea mussels and a wide variety of fish are served in Sochi restaurants.

Besides the national drink vodka, there are several regional libations work at taste, such as Abrau-Durso sparkling wines and sweet wines from Abkhazia.

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Key Attractions: Matsesta Spa, Stalins Dacha, Tea Plantations, Michael Archangel Cathedral, Arboretum, Dolphinarium, Riviera Park, Krasnaya Polyana, Caucasian State Biosphere Reserve

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