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Sochi, Russia Day Trips | Attractions

With limited time in port, planning is the best way to make the most of your time. Should you strike out on your own? Should you hire a local guide? Or should you book a shore excursion offered by the cruise line or an international tour company? Below we have listed the attractions and activities that many other cruisers have enjoyed. This information should help you plan.

The advantage to cruise line tours is that they are timed for your visit and give you flexibility to change your mind after your trip begins. The advantage of using a large international firm is that tours are often less expensive than cruise sponsored tours. The advantage to using a local tour company or guide is that prices can be significantly lower or you may be able to get a customized trip just to see the attractions that interest you most.

Cruise lines that visit Sochi: Voyages of Discovery, Voyages to Antiquity, Azamara Club Cruises, Oceania, Regent Seven Seas, SeaDream Yacht Club, Silversea, Celebrity, Cunard, Holland America, Royal Caribbean

Key Attractions: Matsesta Spa, Stalins Dacha, Tea Plantations, Michael Archangel Cathedral, Arboretum, Dolphinarium, Riviera Park, Krasnaya Polyana, Caucasian State Biosphere Reserve

Summer View in Krasnaya Polyana

Sochi Olympics

Port to Olympic Village - 30 KM, 35 minutes
Port to Krasnaya Polyana - 72 KM, 1 hour 10 minutes
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The Russian government spent billions to develop the Winter Olympic facilities in Sochi, the southernmost and warmest location for a Winter Olympics. And the result is suitably impressive. The Olympic Park and Village are located southeast of the cruise port near the Adler Airport along the coast. The strikingly modern architecture of the event buildings, especially the Stadium which was used only in the opening and closing ceremonies is a testiment to the orderly and modern image that Russia wants to convey to the world. The Alpine facilities are located about 50 kilometers from the coast in the mountain village of Krasnaya Polyana and include facilities for the extreme skiing sports recently added to the Olympic program recently. The stunning Alpine scenery and the scenic drive into the mountains make the trip a popular day trip.

Olympic Park


Easy walking    Somewhat Wheelchair Accessible

Photo of Krasnaya Polyana by Andrey Selskiy, Photo of Olympic Park by Atos International

Matsesta Spa

Matsesta Spa

Port to Matsesta Spa - 11 KM, 16 minutes
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Located southeast of the port near the Matsesta River, the springs that provide the waters at the Matsesta Spa were known by Roman colonists in the area who believed as many still do that the waters have medicinal and recuperative effects. The current spa was developed starting in 1902 and the building and its vicinity include caves, scenic walks and the neo-classical building which are part of the tour that is offered here.

Historic building and spa   Neo-Architecture  

Easy walking    Somewhat Wheelchair Accessible

Photo of Matsesta Spa by CruisePortAtlas

Entrance to Stalin's Dacha

Stalin's Dacha

Port to Stalin's Dacha - 14 KM, 22 minutes
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A portion of the Dacha offers tours to a limited number of visitors each day, so it is wise to book the tour in advance. Cruise lines generally offer the tour as an option. The dacha was the location of a number of historic meetings of the Soviet leadership during Stalin's era. The most famous room is the infamous dictator's office which features a wax figure of the leader sitting at his desk. There are scenic walks that include Black Sea views. The building has been kept intact as it was during the leader's lifetime.

Greek and Ottoman relics and ruins   Sea and Garden views  

Varied Walking    Limited Wheelchair Accessibility

Photo of Stalin's Dacha (PD)

Dagomys Plantation

Dagomys Tea Plantations

Port to Dagomys Tea Plantations - 18 KM, 23 minutes
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The region around Sochi has the world's northernmost tea plantations and the plantation at Dagomys offers tours that include a Samovar museum and the opportunity to sample the local brew called Krasnodarsky. Tea is the most important agricultural product in the Sochi area. Cultivation began in 1883 when Chinese seeds were imported to the area.

Tea Plantation   For children who like being outside   Agricultural and Economic History   Forests and Farms   Russian Tea Houses  

Flat Walking    Somewhat Wheelchair Accessible

Photo of Tea Plantation on the hills near Dagomys by DmitryVorona

Sochi's Botanical Garden

Sochi Attractions

Port to Archangel Michael Cathedral - 1.5 KM, 5 minutes
Port to Dendrary Botanical Garden - 3.4 KM, 5-8 minutes
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The Michael Archangel Cathedral was designed by the famous Russian architect Kaminsky and built in the late 19th century. It is the only Orthodox church in Sochi to survive the Soviet Era. The most popular attraction in Sochi is the Arboretum (Dendrary Botanical Garden, a sub-tropical garden that features plants from around the globe. Riviera Park features the Tree of Friendship which has over forty different fruits on it. The port itself has the impressive Maritime Terminal with its needle-like spire. Among the Russians, the beach resorts are the most popular attractions, along with a Dolphinarium. Numerous Stalinist buildings remain central icons of the city including the Winter Theater, the Train Station and the Sochi Art Museum.

Historic Museums and Churches   Beach Resorts   Theater, Museums, Churches   Parks and the Arboretum  

Varied Walking    Somewhat Wheelchair Accessible

Photo of Dendrary Botanical Garden (Arboretum) (PD)

Interests Key:

Art Architecture Beach Children Wild Animals Local Cuisine Flora Gardens-Parks Geology

Diving UNESCO Views Wine Dance Music Shopping History Hiking

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