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Cruise lines that visit Savona: Costa

Key Attractions: Sistine Chapel, Priamar Fortress, Palazzo Della Rovere, Albissola Ceramics, Villa Faraggiana, Rolli Palaces, Genoa Aquarium, Genoas Old Port, Ducal Palace, Portofino, Santa Margherita, Rapallo, Brown Castle, Sestri Levante, Monaco Ville, Monaco Royal Palace, Monaco Casino, Oceanographic Museum, Grand Prix of Monaco, Natural Reserve of Bergeggi, Playa de Luna, Sanremo, Imperia (Porto Maurizio), Finale Ligure

Though often thought of as an industrial town because of the important iron industry there, Savona is central to the Italian Riviera region and provides easy access to what are considered Liguria's nicest beaches. The city cruise dock was built by Costa Cruise line and is primarily used by that line. The dock is located adjacent to the city's historic center. During the Middle Ages Savona challenged Genoa as a maritime power, but was defeated in 1528. Known as the City of the Popes, two of Renaissance's most famous Popes, Sixtus IV and his nephew Julius II, were from Savona. Before becoming Pope and building the famous Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, Sixtus built a Sistine Chapel in Savona which is one of the city's most popular attractions. Both were members of the Della Rovere family which ruled the city. Julius began the Della Rovere Palace, in the center of the old city and still unfinished. Another famous attraction is the Genovese fortress, Priamar, now a museum.

The attractions of cosmopolitan Genoa and scenic Portofino will attract many cruisers, but equally appealing are the seaside beaches and towns of the Italian Riviera including Finale Ligure, Imperia, and Sanremo. Very near Savona is the natural coastal park of Bergeggi and its Playa de Luna resort and beach. The ceramics of Albisola range from rustic to fine and you can visit the workshops where these items are created.

Local Currency: Euro

Primary Language: Italian

Secondary Languages: Ligurian

Visa requirements: Not required for US and Canadian citizens

Photo of Savona port by Antonello Piccone

Geography and Population

Savona is just 40 kilometers southweast of Genoa on the Italian Riviera and, like much of the northwestern Italian coast, hugs the shoreline at the base of the foothills of the Ligurian Alps. The city has a population of just over 60,000 residents.

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How Far?

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From To Distance Average Time Local Currency Fare
Savona Cruise Terminal Genoa Airport 42 KM 42 minutes 125 Euros (up to 3 passengers)
Savona Cruise Terminal Sistine Chapel 0.9 KM 4 minutes, 9 minute walk  
Savona Cruise Terminal Priamar Fortress 1.5 KM 5 minutes, 10 minute walk  
Savona Cruise Terminal Pinacoteca Civica 1 KM 4 minutes  
Savona Cruise Terminal Albisola - Villa Favaggiana 3 KM 6 minutes  
Savona Cruise Terminal Bergeggi Natural Park - Playa de Luna 10 KM 20 minutes  
Savona Cruise Terminal Genoa 46 KM 44 minutes  
Savona Cruise Terminal Santa Margherita Ligure 77 KM 1 hour 10 minutes  
Savona Cruise Terminal Portofino 81 KM 1 hour 15 minutes  
Savona Cruise Terminal Finale Ligure 29 KM 33 minutes  
Savona Cruise Terminal Imperia (Porto Maurizio) 72 KM 55 minutes  
Savona Cruise Terminal Sanremo 99 KM 1 hour 15 minutes  
Savona Cruise Terminal Monaco 135 KM 1 hour 35 minutes  

Local Services - Addresses


Ospedale San Paolo, Via Genova, 3, 17100 Savona, phone - +39 019 84041, 2.2 KM, 6 minutes

Nearby Banks and ATMs

Bnl Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro S.P.A., Via Antonio Gramsci, 48, 17100 Savona, 0.5 KM, 2 minutes, 6 minute walk
Banco Di Sardegna S.P.A., Piazza dei Della Rovere, 17100 Savona, 0.5 KM, 2 minutes, 6 minute walk

Post Office

Post Office - Poste Italiane Spa, Via Au Fossu, Snc, Savona, SV 17100, 1.4 KM, 4 minutes, 8 minute walk

Port and Berths

Terminal Address - Costa Crociere SPA, Via della Calata, 17100 Savona

Photo of Priamar Fortress by Basilico

Airport - Genoa (GOA)

The closest airport to the Cruise terminal at Savona is the Genoa airport. The Genoa Airport is built on a man-made peninsula off the coast of the city to the west of the harbor. It is a small international airport, so for more options you might want to check on flights into the major airport at Milan (MXP).

Aeroporto Cristoforo Colombo, 16154 Genova Sestri Ponente

Website -

Transfers to the Genoa airport is approximately 125 Euros for up to 3 passengers.