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Popular Local Cuisine: While the dominant influence in Ukrainian cuisine is Russian, the historic connection with Turkey and frequent interactions with Polish, German, Hungarian and Austrian neighbors have had a significant impact. There are a wide variety of borschts in Ukraine, but the soup is commonly made with beets, potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes and meat and topped with sour cream. Braided breads are popular. Ukrainian variations on perogy (potato and cheese dumplings), potato pancakes, stuffed cabbage, sausage (kovbasa), blini (thin pancakes with sweet and savory stuffings) and goulash are prominent items on restaurant menus. Roast meats in a style reminiscent of Turkish kabobs are also common. Meed, a honey based alcohol, is commonly available. The most famous dessert is Kyjivskyj or Kiev cake, made with hazelnuts, buttercream, meringue and a chocolate glaze.

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Key Attractions: Balaklava Battlegrounds, Genoese Fortress, Panorama Museum, Black Sea Fleet Museum, Khan's Palace, Assumption Cave Monastery, Foros Church, Skelskaya Cave, Tauric Chersonesos

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