Cruise Port Atlas | Sevastopol, Ukraine Day Trips | Attractions

Sevastopol, Ukraine Day Trips | Attractions

With limited time in port, planning is the best way to make the most of your time. Should you strike out on your own? Should you hire a local guide? Or should you book a shore excursion offered by the cruise line or an international tour company? Below we have listed the attractions and activities that many other cruisers have enjoyed. This information should help you plan.

The advantage to cruise line tours is that they are timed for your visit and give you flexibility to change your mind after your trip begins. The advantage of using a large international firm is that tours are often less expensive than cruise sponsored tours. The advantage to using a local tour company or guide is that prices can be significantly lower or you may be able to get a customized trip just to see the attractions that interest you most.

Cruise lines that visit Sevastopol: Voyages of Discovery, Voyages to Antiquity, Windstar, Azamara Club Cruises, Oceania, Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, SeaDream Yacht Club, Silversea, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Viking River Cruises

Key Attractions: Balaklava Battlegrounds, Genoese Fortress, Panorama Museum, Black Sea Fleet Museum, Khan's Palace, Assumption Cave Monastery, Foros Church, Skelskaya Cave, Tauric Chersonesos


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Port to Balaklava - 21 KM, 25 minutes
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Balaklava has been the site of numerous military and naval struggles and has been ruled by the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Genoese, the Venetians, the Turks, and the Russians. The most famous structure in the area is the Medieval Genoese fortress on the hill overlooking the inlet. The most renowned event to occur in the area was the senseless suicidal Charge of the Light Brigade (October 25, 1854) during the Crimean War when a British cavalry unit invaded an area surrounded on three sides by Russian troops.

Sandy Beaches, Scuba and Snorkeling   Genoese Fortress  

Uneven surfaces and hills    Somewhat Wheelchair Accessible

Photo of Balaklava by Qypchak

Panorama MuseumPanorama Museum

Port to Lower Town - 2.6 KM, 5 minutes
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The Panorama Museum is the location of the massive panoramic painting by which portrays the events of the assault of Sevastopol (June 6, 1854) during the Crimean War. Painted by Russian Franz Alekseevich Roubaud, the Panorama is 14 meters high and 115 meters around. It portrays the events of one day when the city successfully defended an assault on a portion of the city. The current museum opened to house the panorama in 1905. The painting was mostly destroyed during World War II. What is displayed now is a recreation of the painting. The museum also contains other works commemorating military events. On the outside of the museum there are busts of famous military and cultural leaders including Nakhimov and Tolstoy.

The Fort and two Churches   Byzantine  

Strenuous Walking    No Wheelchair Accessibility

Photo of Panorama Museum by Julian29

Black Sea Fleet Museum & MemorialsSoviet Memorial

Port to Black Sea Fleet Museum - .5 KM, 5 minute walk
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The Russian dominance of the northern and eastern shores of the Black Sea was begun by Peter the Great and completed in 1774 by Catherine II (the Great). She established a headquarters for the Black Sea Fleet at Sevastopol. The history of this fleet is portrayed at the museum with special emphasis on the siege of Sevastopol by the British during the Crimean War. The museum contains weapons, ship models, artifacts and illustrations of the naval history of the fleet and its leaders. Anyone interested in naval history will find the museum collection stunning.

Military Art   Military History

Flat Walking    Not Wheelchair Accessible

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Tauric ChersonesosChersonesos ruins

Port to Chersonesos - 45 Km, 45 minutes
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Tauric Chersonesos (also known simply as Chersonesos) was first settled by the Greeks in the 6th Century BC as a trading post and agricultural region to support the growing Greek population. Through the ages the area was also settled by Romans, Byzantines, and Turks. The ruins in the area include Greek tombs and sites, a Roman amphitheater, and a fairly recent Byzantine church built to commemorate the baptism of St. Vladimir, the first Kievan ruler to become a Christian. The site has been considered for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, but was rejected because of poor management and declining conditions due to looting.

Byzantine Holdout against the Ottomans   The Castle  

Flat Walking    Not Wheelchair Accessible

Photo of Chersonesos ruins by Dimitry A. Mottl

Other Crimean Attractions

Sevastopol Port to Foros Church - 43 KM, 46 minutes
Sevastopol Port to Skelskaya Cave - 44 KM, 48 minutes
Sevastopol Port to Khan's Palace and Assumption Cave Monastery - 49 KM, 55 minutes
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Between the ports of Yalta and Sevastopol are several attractions accessible from either place and offering beautiful views and fascinating history and art. In the central Crimean peninsula is the city of Bakhchysarai, which during the Ottoman domination had served as the capital for the Tatar Khan of the area. The Palace contains a mosque, harem, cemetary, gardens and a cemetary. Built in the 15th century is features a fountain that was the basis for a Pushkin story. Very nearby is the Assumption Monastery that was built into a cliff and cave originally in the 8th century. For the most part the buildings there now are more recent. Along the Black Sea coast of the Crimea between the two ports is the small Foros Church of the Resurrection dedicated in 1892 and offering spectacular views and unique architecture. Not far away is the popular Skelskaya cave that offers tours.



Photo by Foros Church by Bardano

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Diving UNESCO Views Wine Dance Music Shopping History Hiking

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