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Cruise lines that visit Trabzon: Voyages to Antiquity, Azamara Club Cruises, Oceania, Regent Seven Seas, SeaDream Yacht Club, Silversea, Holland America

Key Attractions: Hagia Sophia, Sumeli Monastery, Rock Church, Uzungol Lake and Village, Ataturk Villa, Trabzon Castle, Boztepe Park

Hagia Sophia

Trabzon is a port city on the Black Sea with a long history and cultural legacy. In northeastern Turkey, it has served as a trading center between Europe and southern and eastern Asia on what is commonly known as the Silk Road. During Greece's Classical era (600-400 BC) an enclave of Greek traders was established and from then until the Ottomans took the city, Greek and Byzantine Greek culture dominated. It was the capital of the Trebizond Empire from 1204 to 1461, when the Ottomans captured the city. In fact, there are still many people of Greek heritage and language in the area. The city's most popular attractions are the ruins of the Trabzon Fortress, Hagia Sophia (Church of Divine Wisdom) built during the late Byzantine period, and Ataturk's seaside villa. There is also the Trabzon Museum, featuring artistic and cultural artifacts of the region's history. South of the city is one of the most dramatic of all Orthodox Monasteries, Sumela Monastery, with a beautiful Uzungol, known for its scenic surroundings and foggy atmosphere.

Photo Hagia Sophia by Alaexis

Local Currency: Turkish lira

Primary Language:  Turkish

Secondary Languages: Russian and Greek dialects

Visa requirements: American and Canadian guests arriving by ship are not required to have a visa in Turkey.  Those arriving by plane must get a visa, but can do so upon arrival.  Some cruise lines sell Turkish visas for marked-up prices.  For convenience this may be worthwhile.

Books to read before you go:  Snow, by Orhan Pamuk (novel by Nobel winning Turkish author, understanding the conflict between the secular and islamic in modern Turkey)

Geography and Population

Trabzon is located near the southeastern corner of the Black Sea near Turkey's border with Georgia.  It has a population of nearly 1/4 million residents.

Map of Region with Port, Airport and Attractions

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How Far?

From To Distance Average Time Local Currency Fare
Trabzon Port International Airport 11 KM 13 minutes  
Trabzon Port Trabzon Museum 1 KM 5 minutes, 15 minute walk  
Trabzon Port Çarşı Camii / Taş Han 1.2 KM 6 minutes, 15 minute walk  
Trabzon Port Boztepe Park 3.6 KM 9 minutes  
Trabzon Port Atatürk Villa 2.5 KM 5 minutes  
Trabzon Port Hagia Sophia 4.1 KM 8 minutes  
Trabzon Port

Sumeli Monastery

45 KM 60 minutes  
Trabzon Port Uzungol 99 KM 1 hour 40 minutes  

Local Services - Addresses

Hagia Sophia


Trabzon Numune Egitim ve Arastirma Hastanesi, İnönü Mh., 61040 Trabzon, phone - +90 462 230 2301, 3.3 KM, 7 minutes

Nearby Banks and ATMs
Yapi Kredi Bank, Kemerkaya Mh., 61200 Trabzon, 0.9 KM, 5 minutes, 13 minute walk
Isbank Atm, Maraş Cd No:44, Trabzon Merkez/Trabzon, 0.9 KM, 5 minutes, 13 minute walk

Post Office
Ptt-Trabzon Şb., 44 Kahramanmaraş Caddesi, Çarşı 61200

Port and Berths

Nearest Street Address - Trabzon Limanı, İskenderpaşa Mh., 61000 Trabzon
GPS - 41.005925, 39.736077

Photo of Sumela Monastery by Christian Torrissen