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Cruise lines that visit Tangier: Star Clippers, Oceania, Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, Cunard, Holland America, Costa

Key Attractions: Tangier Medina, Kasbah, Kasbah Museum, Dar el Makhzen, Royal Palace, Petit Souk, Grand Mosque, American Legation, Grand Souk, Menoubia Gardens, St. Andrews Church, Tetouan Medina, Tetouan Archaeological Museum, Mohammed V Avenue, Asilah Medina

Tangier is developing as a cruise port due to recent efforts by the Moroccan government to attract tourism to the area. Tangier is the least Moroccan of Morocco's cities since it was long dominated by Europeans, especially during the early 20th century when it was ruled jointly by Spain and France. Though it was absorbed into the newly independent Morocco in the 1950's, Tangier was ignored by Morocco's leaders until recently because it was viewed as Western and decadent. From the 1920s onward the city has attracted a somewhat libertine artist community from Western countries whose habits and predilections were not acceptable in their homelands. Writers like Oscar Wilde and Andre Gide and later Truman Capote, William S. Burroughs and important members of the Beat Generation made frequent sometimes extended visits. And later, the Rolling Stones found the libertine culture appealing. While this is the image we have of Tangier and these elements remain part of the city, it is not something a cruiser can experience except by visiting the cafes such as Cafe du Paris where these artists socialized. The city's most popular attractions are within the walls of the Medina (old city) or just outside them. The Grand Mosque does not admit non-Muslims but is an impressive sight not far from the Petit Souk. At the north end of the Medina is the city's highest point where the Royal Palace (Dar el Makhzen) now houses the Kasbah Museum. Also within the walls is the only US National Historic Monument outside the US, the American Legation, established in 1821 as the first US property outside of the US. Just outside the walls are the Menoubia Gardens, with great sea views and the Grand Souk, an impressive city square and market.

Just to the west of city is Cap Spartel and its famous lighthouse, as well as the nearby Hercules Cave which is often featured on tours. To the southwest along the Atlantic coast is the port town of Asilah, famous for its local artists and handicrafts. Southeast of Tangier is the city of Tetouan, developed by the Moorish and Jewish exiles from Spain starting in the 15th century. The blend of Spanish and Moorish architectural influences makes the city a popular tourist destination.

Local Currency: Moroccan dirham | Current exchange rates at

Primary Language: Arabic

Secondary Languages: French, Spanish, Berber

Visa requirements: Not required for US and Canadian citizens

Photo of Medina Gate by Svik

Geography and Population


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From To Distance Average Time Local Currency Fare
Tangier Cruise Dock Tangier Airport 17 KM 23 minutes  
Tangier Cruise Dock American Legation Museum / Medina South end 1.9 KM 5 minutes, 15 minute walk  
Tangier Cruise Dock Kasbah / Royal Palace / Dar el Makhzen 2.9 KM 10 minutes, 14 minute walk  
Tangier Cruise Dock Petit Souk 2.3 KM 7 minutes, 10 minute walk  
Tangier Cruise Dock Menouba Gardens / Grand Souk / St. Andrews Church 2.1 KM 6 minutes, 16 minute walk  
Tangier Cruise Dock Cap Spartel / Hercules Cave 15 KM 16 minutes  
Tangier Cruise Dock Asilah 53 KM 45 minutes  
Tangier Cruise Dock Tetouan 59 KM 1 hour 5 minutes  

Local Services - Addresses


Hopital El Kortobi, Rue Assad Ibn al Farrat, Tangier 90000, 3.5 kilometers, 9 minutes

Nearby Banks and ATMs

Arab Bank, Avenue de la Resistance, Tangier, 2.5 kilometers, 5 minutes
Credit du Maroc, Rue Lafayette, Tangier, 2.1 kilometers, 6 minutes

Post Office

Poste du Maroc-Essouani, Castilla, Tangier, 3.8 kilometers, 9 minutes

Port and Berths

Nearest street address - Avenue Mohamed VI, Tangier
GPS - 35.785652, -5.80199

Photo of Tangier Port by Hotel La Tangerina