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Popular Local Cuisine: While many of the Austrians, Hungarians, Slovenes and Croatians have left Trieste the impact of their culinary traditions remain in Trieste, a cosmopolitan city half-forgotten by much of the world. The most striking culinary feature of the street are the ubiquitous caffes which celebrate the city's historic place in the coffee trade. Some of the caffes date back to the 18th century and celebrate their famous past patrons. While Americans may consider buffet restaurants low brow, some of Trieste's offer high quality cuisine. Presented at a typical buffet are Udine proscuitto ham, boiled pork with horseradish, salt cod, pickled herring and cheeses more typical of central Europe than Italy. Other typical menu offerings in Trieste include Hungarian Goulash; Austrian Sourkraut (crauti); Jota, a traditional cabbage soup; gnocci stuffed with plums and Viennese desserts such as the elegant Sachertort. If you visit Trieste in the fall and travel outside the city you may encounter farms that have opened up to the public to serve the traditional harvest feast, Osmice.

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Photo of Caffe San Marco by Tiesse

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