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Recommended Purchases: Bulgaria has long been the source for one of the most important ingredients in perfume, rose oil, the highly prized essence of local roses that are harvested in the Spring and distilled to its essense for export. Bulgaria produces more than two-thirds of the world's rose oil. However, the real stuff is very expensive, so you might want to purchase a less refined liquid like Rose Oil Essense. Gyuvech is a stew made in a clay pot and also the name of the squat pot it is made in. Some are lovely and if you have a way to pack it, this might be a bring home a genuine Bulgarian item. Hand-made jewelry is popular and not as expensive as in wealthier countries. Fabrics, linens and clothing are also inexpensive, but you are better off getting away from the tourist areas to find the best quality at the lowest prices.

This page is still under construction. We are working with local experts to select the finest businesses to recommend.

Cruise lines that visit Varna: Seabourn, Holland America, MSC Cruises

Key Attractions: Roman Baths, Cathedral of Mary's Assumption, Archaeological Museum, Sea Garden Park, Aquarium, Golden Sands, Aladzha Monastery, Madara Horsemen, Balchik Botanical Garden, Balchik Palace, Nesebur

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Photo of Damask Rose used in rose oil production by Kurt Stueber