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Popular Local Cuisine: Though related to Greek and Turkish cuisine, Bulgarian food has a distinct spin. The most famous of all Bulgarian items is yoghurt which is used in a variety of drinks and other recipes. One of the most popular of yoghurt based recipes is the cucumber yoghurt soup called tarator. Where other countries in the region tend to use olive oil, in Bulgaria sunflower oil is more prevalent. For adventurous gourmand a sample of shkembe chorba (spicy tripe soup) may get you close to the local culture. For the less adventurous there are Banitsa (filo dough stuffed with blended eggs and cheese), Yahniya (a meat stew made with browned onions, tomatoes and sunflower oil), a sweet variation of Banitsa with pumpkin stuffing and a wide variety of sausages.

Near Varna there are some very good white wines produced. In the south of Bulgaria red wines, especially those made with the Mavrud grape are preferred. Rakia is considered the national drink of Bulgaria and is made from grapes. However, be forewarned...rakia is not for the faint of heart!

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Cruise lines that visit Varna: Seabourn, Holland America, MSC Cruises

Key Attractions: Roman Baths, Cathedral of Mary's Assumption, Archaeological Museum, Sea Garden Park, Aquarium, Golden Sands, Aladzha Monastery, Madara Horsemen, Balchik Botanical Garden, Balchik Palace, Nesebur

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