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Popular Local Cuisine: Croatian and Dalmatian cuisines are strongly influenced by Italian cooking, so pasta and pizza are readily available at local restaurants for those who want something familiar. The local variations are worth trying. One iconic local dish is the black risotto with cuttlefish (a smaller cousin to the squid), which along with a salad, makes a great healthy meal. Pasticada is a meat stew served with gnocchi (hand-made potato and flour pasta). A street food you will encounter is Cevapcici, an imported Bosnian dish adapted from Turkish cuisine which is ground meat (usually lamb) shaped like a stick, grilled, and served with fries. If you try a sit-down restaurant, you may want to try the local ham called prsut as an appetizer, followed by grilled fish, which is certainly the staple of many Dubrovnik restaurants. Keep in mind that the fishing limitations of the Mediterranean area have made fish (but not most shellfish) pricey. Another traditional option is food cooked "under the bell." This traditional cooking method involves enclosing a meal which might include meat, vegetables, and even bread under a metal bell and placing the bell under glowing coals to cook. This time-intensive method produces succulent options. Some walk-in restaurants may offer these dishes, but the best will require notice to prepare them. The most famous dessert is called Dubrovnik Rozata, which is similar to caramel-topped flan custard.

Croatian wines are rarely exported…not because they are not good, but rather because the locals do not want to let go of a good thing. Enjoy them while you can.

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