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What is CruisePortAtlas.com about?

This website is a labor of love. Starting in January of 2011, I began collecting information and pictures about ports (mostly in the Mediterranean) to help cruisers make the most of their limited time in port. I will eventually offer information about ports around the world.

Right now we do not have a members area, but that is a goal for us. Follow us on Twitter for an announcement.

photo of Osios Loukas Monastery near Delphi by cruiseportatlas.com 

Why am I qualified to offer this information to you?

I love to travel. That's my most important qualification and perhaps the only one that matters. But besides that:

Where do I get my information and what kind of information does the site offer?

I've travelled extensively, but not everywhere - yet. So when I haven't been somewhere I have to rely on a wide-variety of sources for my research. The most important source of information is local experts for the ports and countries, plus authoritative books, articles and a wide variety of websites.

photo of John and Donna in the Grand Bazaar by Roger for cruiseportatlas.com

Do the businesses pay to be listed?

My goal is the charge a small annual fee of the businesses that are listed to support the costs of maintaining this website. We do not earn a commission for sales that result from these listings. In order to be listed a business must be recommended by someone outside that business, preferably an expert or a cruiser like you. Businesses that request listings must provide references and recommendations in order to be considered. We are particularly interested in businesses that are locally owned and sell local products...as reflected in our motto - Cruise Global, Buy Local.

What are the ads on the right side of the page about?

I do have ads to the right of each page including books that are offered by Amazon. I have read nearly every book listed (there are a few that friends or family told me were good) and I try to relate it to the page on which it is listed. For example, The Leopard is set in Sicily during the time of Garibaldi, so I've included it on the Sicily port pages. And Catherine the Great includes a section about the development of Sevastopol by Potemkin, so it is on the Sevastopol pages. For these ads I do earn a commission.

Cruise lines and travel related products may also advertise in this space.

photo of Ephesus Library by cruiseportatlas.com

What does the future hold for CruisePortAtlas.com?

Right now each page on this site is painstakingly constructed by hand. Though Donna (my wife) does a lot of proofing for me, everything you see here has been created solo. For the foreseeable future that will continue, so I will be adding just a few ports each month.

But as I do that I will also be refining the technology of the site. I will add an area where you can add comments before the end of the year.

photo of Windmill in Rhodes Harbor by cruiseportatlas.com

About CruisePortAtlas.com

Our Mission: CruisePortAtlas.com will be the trusted information source for cruisers planning visits to ports around the world.

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The CruisePortAtlas.com Team

John MornJohn Morn - Chief Executive Dreamer

Since 1994 John has worked in the Travel Industry after several years in Higher Education and Hospitality.  He was a training executive for Certified Vacations before leading Oceania Cruises training efforts beginning in 2005.  In 2010, he was appointed to head Training for Prestige Cruise Holdings, owner of both Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises. In 2011, John started CruisePortAtlas.com. Since 2012, John has been selling cruises for iCruise.com.

John designed this site (except for the logo).  John was always interested in travel, but was inspired to make it his profession by his wife, Donna.  John is an Army brat who spent 3 years in Germany when he was a small brat and the rest of his brat years in the states of Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Virginia and Pennsylvania.  He studied History at the College of William and Mary.

John reads voraciously, cooks and eats prodigiously, travels happily, enjoys music, art and architecture from any place or time and has finally stopped smoking.


Donna MornDonna Morn - Chief Financial Officer & Travel Maven

Donna was raised in New Jersey where she was the apple of her parents' eyes. She grew up under the impression there was no place better than Jersey, despite her father's insistence that Florida was in fact closer to heaven. She went to Ohio State and studied textile design, worked at Macy's and eventually followed her family to the sunshine state.

After a Contiki tour, she changed careers and started working in the travel business. Donna has been a Travel Agent for (we won't go there) years and a professor of Travel and Tourism at various colleges for the last (we probably should avoid that too) years. Every year she takes groups of college students to far flung continents. She is a courageous woman! Somehow she survives and brings back inspired students who will never forget their Professor Morn and the adventure she led.