We believe that the wealthiest nations should help those less fortunate.

Especially starving children who are blameless.

After a lot of research about which charity would use our contributions most affectively we settled on Action Against Hunger. They are rated among the most efficient charities in addressing the issue of world hunger. Not only do they contribute food to those with immediate need, but they also address the root causes of hunger. Their efforts include building sustainable agriculture in parts of the world where a one year drought can cause a decade of despair.

Right now the US government provides large amounts of food to regions that suffer from famine, but that aid is always food products that are produced by US farmers. This food is distributed free to the starving. Even in a drought local farmers often produce some food. What happens to this food and these farmers when the free US food arrives? The food rots and the farmers businesses fail. And so the next year, there is no farm to produce local food.

Direct food aid is important to address the immediate needs of those who are starving. But it is just as important that assistance be provided to sustain and improve local agriculture. When we only offer food, we make the problem worse by destroying the local agricultural economy. Action Against Hunger offers not just food but provides assistance and advice to local farmers, so that future of the children in stricken countries will be brighter than their present.

If you are interested in this issue and want to learn more, I highly recommend you read the book: ENOUGH, Why the World's Poorest Starve in an Age of Plenty by Roger Thurow and Scott Kilman.  The authors both write for the Wall Street Journal.

See what Action Against Hunger is doing by clicking the link.